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Years of work for disabled earns praise

July 13, 2016 9:23 A.M.
Mayor Peter Milobar thanks Todd Harding for his work.

A self advocate for people with disabilities who’s spearheaded positive changes in the city was given his due Tuesday.

Todd Harding, who’s served 24 years on a mayor’s committee for persons with disabilities, was handed a certificate of appreciation with a Braille overlay by Mayor Peter Milobar. Harding, who chairs the committee, is blind.

“You’re a wonderful self advocate,” Milobar told him. “You’ve certainly been a great asset to the community,” with positive changes in support of people with disabilities.

Among the many changes: Dignity and privacy in the exercise of democracy. In 2011, Kamloops became the first community in the province to offer independent voting to visually impaired voters, largely through Harding’s efforts.

“It’s difficult to encapsulate what’s been a passion of mine into a few short sentences,” Harding said before a regular meeting of council.

“It’s an opportunity to give back to Kamloops,” he said. “We have come a long ways and we certainly have made a difference. This is truly a progressive city and the city has really been prepared to embrace change, especially if it meant equality for everyone.”

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