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Work to fix roads continues a month later

July 19, 2016 3:03 P.M.
(Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure)

A month after major flooding washed out roads and severed communities, efforts to restore roads in the Peace region are progressing but far from complete.

“Highway crews, maintenance contractors and volunteers in the region continue to work tirelessly on the damage caused by the floods last month,” said Todd Stone, minister of transportation and infrastructure. “The work to address the damage is a huge undertaking but getting the repairs done quickly remains a priority for everyone involved.”

Nearly 200 pieces of equipment are still engaged in safely restoring the numbered highways and side roads that were washed out by the flooding. Crews continue to work on Hwy. 97 South through the Pine Pass. Hwy. 97 is open to single-lane alternating traffic in two locations: Commotion Creek and Tippy Corner. Crews are working hard to get both these locations open to two lanes and Hwy. 97 has reopened to over-dimension loads.

On Hwy. 29 South, crews continue to work and monitor one major site at Zonnebeke Creek. The road is reduced to a single lane at this location.

The ministry expects to reopen Snake Pit Road in Dawson Creek by mid-August. Until the road reopens, the detour for passenger vehicles is Hwy. 49 directly into Dawson Creek. Detours for trucks carrying extraordinary loads can take Hwy. 2 from the Alberta-B.C. border to Dawson Creek, then onto the dangerous goods route, and then take either Hwy. 97S or Hwy. 97N to Fort St. John and points north.

Of the 40 side roads that were fully closed, 29 have now been opened to a minimum of single-lane alternating traffic. The remaining roads with full closures all have alternate routes available. The total number of repair sites is 286, all primarily in the South Peace area.

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