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Woman sees Ogopogo on Google Maps

July 22, 2016 11:09 A.M.
Google Maps image near Rattlesnake Island on Okanagan Lake.


KELOWNA — An Ontario woman believes she may have discovered Ogopogo on Google Maps.

Marlene from Hamilton, Ont., emailed this week after she felt compelled to check Google Maps for proof of the lake monster's existence.

“I was watching one of those monster shows on TV and they were talking about Ogopogo and how people had spotted it around Rattlesnake Island there,” explained Marlene.

“So I thought 'I am going to look around Rattlesnake Island myself.'”

She said she noticed lots of obvious streams in the lake from behind boats, but one particularly large stream caught her attention.

“I thought hmm, hmm,” said Marlene. “I zoomed in closer and I thought 'Oh my God, that looks like flippers on that thing.' "

She waited to show her daughter her discovery later that day and her daughter agreed it did look like it could be flippers, so she kept investigating.

She looked at the same spot in the lake at as many angles as Google Maps would allow.

“I was really excited,” said Marlene, who felt compelled to alert local Okanagan media. She remembered from her last visit to the Okanagan in 1981 that Ogie is important to the community.

Marlene claims she used the measurement on Google Maps to estimate the serpent's size.

She says the Ogopogo on film is about 52 feet long with a flipper span of about 10 feet.

Marlene also posted it to Facebook and showed it to friends and family to get some feedback.

“My boyfriend says it's just a big boat, but I said 'It's not a boat, it's got flippers, man'. Another friend wrote on Facebook that it is from the Pokémon Go game,” Marlene laughed.

“I mean who knows, right?”

Her curiosity is not just hers alone. A group visiting from Calgary was hiking to Paul's Tomb on July 11 when members saw something odd in the lake.

You can check that video below and decide for yourself, but they tell Castanet it almost looked as if a large serpent-like creature was moving through the lake dipping in and out of the water.

Despite whether you believe the legend or not, over the years Castanet has received hundreds of tips on Ogopogo sightings.

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