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Where are up-to-date rosters?

Lions slipping at the gate
By Gregg Drinnan
August 6, 2015 11:48 A.M.

Scattershooting . . . with apologies to Blackie Sherrod:

1. You are free to wonder why WHL teams don’t maintain up-to-date rosters on their websites. What good is clicking on your favourite team’s website in early August and finding that the most recent roster is from March?

2. With the level of fan interest out there, each WHL team also should be posting its protected list on its website.

3. Hey, Hockey Canada, now that you have interrupted summer by skating almost 200 of your best players for a few days in Calgary, perhaps you should take them all on a fishing trip. You know, just to keep the boys off the ice and out of the gym for at least a few days this summer.

4. Would someone at TSN please tell Matt Dunigan that one of the reasons he has a microphone is so that he doesn’t have to yell at the viewers. Thank you.

5. Yes, it’s only August, but the three-game series between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Yankees that opens tonight in New York should be fun. The Blue Jays go in six games behind the pinstripers in the loss column.

6. ICYMI, Eugenie Bouchard has deep-sixed another coach. Is it just me or is she quickly becoming the Tiger Woods of women’s tennis when it comes to coaches?

7. The Vancouver Whitecaps drew 19,683 fans to B.C. Place Stadium on Wednesday night when they played to a 1-1 draw with the Seattle Sounders in a CONCACAF Champions League game.

8. One night later, the B.C. Lions drew 20,316 fans to a CFL game against the Edmonton Eskimos in the same facility, a game the Lions won, 26-23. Last season, after three home games, the Lions had drawn 74,908 fans; this season, that number is 63,463. Yes, the Lions’ attendance is down more than 11,000.

9. The biggest debate last night? Forget politics. Why didn’t Edmonton head coach Chris Jones send kicker Grant Shaw out to try a 48-yard field goal in the final minute in Vancouver?

10. The Eskimos were down by three. It was third-and-four. Shaw is 15-for-15 on field goal attempts this season, including 3-for-3 from 40-to-49 yards. Maybe the head coach never heard the adage about playing for a tie on the road.

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