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Wading pool delayed by new guidelines

August 16, 2016 4:39 P.M.

A wading pool originally planned in tandem with a new spray park at McDonald Park had to be delayed due to tighter provincial health regulation, City council was told Tuesday.

Parks director Byron McCorkell said the province changed its guidelines in the spring as plans for the North Kamloops amenities were took shape within a narrow time frame.

“Since spring, the provincial government has changed the guidelines for spray parks and wading pools,” McCorkell explained. “They really aren’t too excited about wading pools without chlorination.”

Adding chlorination brought a new element of design to the park project, which replaced an aging outdoor swimming pool built in 1958 and in need of repair. The spray park opened July 8 and has been well used since then.

Council opted to replace the old pool with the new amenities after public consultation, although some residents petitioned to upgrade the swimming pool instead. The City expedited the project in order to have the amenity ready in time for hot weather.

“We managed to build a spray park in six weeks when in most cities it takes six years,” McCorkell noted.

The wading pool remains on the table, though. Chlorination equipment could be accommodated in the building adjacent to the spray park.

“We’re still working with the team to complete the vision,” McCorkell said.

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