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VSA wins kudos for highway maintenance

December 10, 2015 5:28 P.M.
VSA Highway Maintenance has led the way with an innovative de-icing program. (B.C. Government)

VSA Highway Maintenance Ltd. of Merritt has earned recognition from the provincial government for its highway maintenance in the Nicola area.

The company has received the Deputy Minister’s Contractor of the Year Award for highway maintenance.

“Safety on our roads and highways is a top priority for this government, and the award highlights the innovative, proactive, and service-oriented approach of VSA in the Nicola service area,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Todd Stone. 

“Congratulations as well to the other finalists this year for their great work in dealing with adverse weather conditions, traffic and challenging elevations to keep our provincial transportation network safe and reliable.”

VSA Highway Maintenance won the award based on its continued focus on building relationships within the local communities, including communication with the public and key stakeholders.

As well, VSA’s innovation in their beet juice production plant and liquid application program is leading the way for road maintenance in B.C. VSA used these new blends, increased the quantities applied, and purchased additional equipment in their proactive approach to anti-icing last winter to deal with the challenges of repeated freeze/thaw cycles, freezing rain and black ice issues.          

VSA also leads a unique multi-agency response to winter events on the Snowshed Hill section of the Coquihalla, where communication and leadership is critical to storm management. As a result, that stretch of road saw minimal highway closures, expedited highway openings and efficient queue management in comparison to previous years.

“VSA Highway Maintenance crews work hard every day of the year to ensure our roads, highways and bridges are as safe as possible for all travellers,” said Fraser-Nicola MLA Jackie Tegart.

The awards recognize construction and maintenance companies demonstrating excellence in the categories of grading, paving, bridges and structures, safety innovation, and highway maintenance work throughout the province.

The 13th annual awards were hosted by the B.C. Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association on Friday, Dec. 4 in Victoria.

Other finalists in this category were Emcon Services Inc. for the Kootenay-Boundary service area and Mainroad Howe Sound Contracting for the Howe Sound service area.

kim says:
December 11, 2015 12:11pm

Being awarded what I'm quite sure is a very lucrative contract should be the reward in and of itself.
Good grief no wonder we can't fund our hospitals and schools properly or manage the child and family services in the province...we're too busy making up useless, fake awards and throwing parties to honour the recipients.
It would be really great if you 'News' Kamloops could report out on the cost of this shindig instead of just reiterating a government press release....yeah right, never mind...forgot what city I was in for a minute.


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