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Valleyview groups wants City to stick to plan

Residents oppose access plan favoured for future resource recovery centre
July 25, 2016 9:15 A.M.
Owl Road off Valleyview Drive.

Valleyview Community Association goes before council Tuesday to oppose an access option for the City’s future resource recovery centre favoured by City staff.

In a report to council, staff recommend modifying the existing Owl Road/Valleyview Drive intersection rather than building a new access route off Highland Drive. 

Valleyview residents have raised concerns about relying on the Owl Road intersection due to the volume and speed of traffic along Valleyview Drive.

City staff have also recommended: 

  • Monitoring the volumes of traffic to and from the resource recovery site (the former Valleyview landfill) along with the number and type of collisions in the vicinity.
  • Reporting back with the costs and resources required to undertake a broader Valleyview Drive corridor and transportation review
  • Reporting back in 18 months with information on traffic counts at the resource recovery centre.

Jim Freathy, Michael Popoff and Bob MacDonald of the community association have met with the City’s Public Works staff to convey their concerns. On Tuesday, they want to provide council with background information. They say a public presentation of the access options, held in June, was poorly conducted.

The group says the City made an earlier commitment, in its 2015 business case on the resource recovery centre, to access the site via Highland Drive.

An study done by Urban Systems concluded that the Highland Drive option would not only be the costliest but would also create more greenhouse gas emissions.

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