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Urban hens are in, but not without a warning

June 21, 2016 5:39 P.M.

Hey, urban hens, you’re officially in the clear.

City council quietly voted in animal control bylaw amendments Tuesday that permit back yard chickens. Adoption of Bylaw 34-48 allows residents on lots as small as 370 square metres to keep up to five hens.

The new rules weren’t greeted with unanimous support when council voted last week to proceed with the amendments. Coun. Pat Wallace, one of the holdouts, couldn’t resist commenting Tuesday.

Like the City’s ban on smoking in parks, the hens will be back to nip at council, she warned. The no-smoking rule has been relaxed for the purpose of hosting the Rotary Ribfest in Riverside Park in August.

“This will be back to bite us in a way that we’ll be sorry,” Wallace said. 

While not opposed to hens in general — Wallace used to live on a farm — she still feels the lot size permitted is too small and will give rise to neighbourhood complaints.

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