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Urban chickens have many benefits

February 29, 2016 4:11 A.M.

Today's Featured Comment is in response to the story "Cracking the Mysteries of Chickens."

Economical production of protein is difficult and one of the biggest challenges in food security.

Eggs are not only nutritious, but economical to produce. Encouraging them in an urban environment is imperative. Globalism has made food more readily available, but unfortunately increased our dependence on imported food.

Changing weather and vulnerable distribution systems mean we must reduce our dependence on food from outside our local area. A responsible city council should be intensely focused on food security for its citizens, and that focus needs to go beyond community gardens.

Urbanites need nutritious and readily available protein produced within city, and eggs fit the bill. There are numerous examples of urban centres that have successfully permitted backyard hens. The problems associated with keeping hens in an urban environment are manageable, and the benefits are many.

Permitting and regulating backyard chickens is wise and forward-thinking.


James Graff says:
March 1, 2016 05:11am

-There's _a lot_ to say about an 'urban' ...'chicken....' -You know: the kind that likes corduroy over jeans and hush puppies over boots...real boots. And a hat, not one of those beaky flat things any guy in his right mind would never wear...unless he's wearing corduroy with hush puppies....
Yeah chickens of the urban kind...head in the cloud consumer, not a simpler doer, who doesn't mind getting dirty -along as the job gets done. Roosters, that's what they call them.


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Pierre Filisetti says:
February 29, 2016 06:43am

Chickens recycle in the best possible manner (healthy proteins) much kitchen scrap which presently goes into the landfill.
Backyard chickens are indeed a wise step forward for many reasons but will the general public be supportive? Planting a mixture of clover and turf grasses has already proven to be "unneighbourly"...can't wait to see the dreadful faces of some neighbours should chickens come next...


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