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United Way almost halfway to 3-year goal

September 28, 2016 4:41 P.M.
TRU President Alan Shaver pauses for a photo with United Way staff at kickoff breakfast.

United Way Thompson Nicola Cariboo is well on its way to reaching a three-year goal of raising $6.5 million, particularly with the promise of new partnerships in Kamloops.

“It was an ambitious goal for sure, and of course there was concern last year when the economy slowed down,” said Joshua Knaak, campaign cabinet chair.

To date, the campaign has brought in $2.8 million, including $585,000 raised so far in 2016.

Businesses and individuals were acknowledged Tuesday at a breakfast kickoff, the customary launch to the United Way’s fall employer/employee contribution campaign.

The theme of the campaign is Game Changers, alluding to potential impact of giving on social needs addressed — poverty and addition, for example — through funds dispersed by the United Way.

“We think we’re well on our way to another great year,” Knaak said. “We don’t want everyone getting complacent, though,” he cautioned.

Two new partnerships were announced at the breakfast. Royally United is the name of a collaborative effort with the RIH Foundation in which donations by health-care workers will be matched by the Stollery Foundation and Davis Wealth Management.

As well, TRU has created a new position on campus in support of research with community benefits such as those funded by the United Way. It’s called “knowledge mobilization.”

For the latest on community causes benefiting from United Way giving, visit this web page.

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