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TRUFA to seek ratification after talks fail

February 6, 2016 9:04 A.M.
TRU faculty gather at a Jan. 15 rally prior to mediation.


TRU Faculty Association president Tom Friedman says he’ll recommend members ratify a mediated contract settlement even though he considers the process to have been a failure after three weeks.

Friedman said Saturday that there would be no point in further job action, citing the intransigence of the provincial government on key issues.

On Friday after two final days of trying to forge a deal, mediator Mark Brown recommended that both parties, faculty and administration, ratify his proposed settlement.

Mediation was a last-ditched effort to find common ground after a year of talks that also failed to bring the two sides closer together at the bargaining table.

Friedman said, despite the gap in positions, they remained hopeful that “creative thinking and imagination” might be enough to establish common ground through mediation.

“The faculty association agreed to mediation with the clear knowledge the parties were fairly far apart on key issues,” Friedman said Saturday. 

He said the provincial government is unwilling to budge on the top issue of allowing faculty a greater say in institutional governance.

Faculty meets Tuesday at 7 p.m. to determine whether to hold a ratification vote on the mediator’s recommendation. The outcome of a vote would be known within 48-72 hours.

“We should know by Friday morning,” Friedman said.

If faculty don't agree to the mediated settlement, he's unsure what the next step would be.

"I don't want to speculate. Clearly it would put both parties into a more precarious situation."

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