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TRUFA agrees to contract mediation

January 12, 2016 7:21 A.M.

TRU faculty have agreed to private mediation in their contract dispute with university administration, but that does not preclude potential job action.

The university announced Monday evening that it is making arrangements for mediation after TRU Faculty Association issued 72-hour strike notice earlier in the day.

While agreeing to mediation, TRUFA has refused to hold off on job action or to give forewarning of strike acton, the university stated in its update here.

“The university must remain prepared for ”some form of strike action”  such as picket lines and other disruptions.”

Tom Friedman, TRUFA president, said Monday that they were reluctant to accept mediation while the two sides remain far apart on key issues.

“Our members are very frustrated because we haven’t seen progress on key issues,” he said Monday. “The key issues really have to do with the role that faculty play in this institution.”

When TRU became a full-status institution in 2005, there was a commitment that faculty would play a significant role in academic decision making, he said.

There has been an erosion in full-time faculty and an over-reliance on filling positions with sessional contract instructors, the association contends.

TRU administration has said it made the offer of mediation when the two parties met last Thursday, Jan. 7.

“TRUFA directors have provided no indication of the nature or the duration of the action it intends to launch,” Matt Milovick, vice-president administration and finance, said Monday.

He stressed that TRU would keep students updated through its website and social media channels.

“We look at our various committees and decision making bodies and faculty are represented on almost all,” Milovick said of the governance issue. “From an administrative perspective, we feel faculty are involved in decision making and are involved appropriately.”

Joe Faculty says:
January 12, 2016 10:30am

Yes, Mr. Milovick, I love being the token faculty member on your committees and of the minority voice on Senate where the Administrators block vote to...block votes. Total sham. Faculty members understand and respect fiscal responsibility,but always have the best interests of student as top priority. The admin needs to trust the faculty members to do their job. TRU is also not broke, not at all.

Plus commentary about TRU being good at funding the classroom are vague and misleading at best. Money goes to useless ever-changing technical whims rather than to, say, supporting a Writing Centre.


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