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TRU sees slight rise in domestic students

October 7, 2015 12:26 P.M.

Domestic enrolment is up slightly at TRU this fall while international enrolment has dropped a little, a reversal from trends in recent years.

The university’s institutional planning and analysis office has released figures showing a marked increase in some programs as well as a reflection of continuing enrolment declines reported by Kamloops-North Thompson School District.

Overall, domestic enrolment is up by 1.2 per cent for a total of 5,736 students. International enrolment is down by 3.4 percent, representing a drop of 14 students with a total fall enrolment of 1,735 students.

There are some bright spots in the numbers, including a 7.5 per cent rise in enrolment in science programs. Law school enrolment is up slightly, partly due to an increased first-year co-hort.

Open Learning, which measures enrolment around a fiscal year rather than by semester, is up by 4.4 per cent. Trades numbers are also slightly higher.

Due to the grade-school enrolment picture, TRU enrolment is forecast to decline by 1.5 per cent, levelling off to a about one per cent a year before stabilizing in 2019.

TRU is working on a strategic enrolment plan as well as on its rebranding in an effort to build enrolment long-term.

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