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TRU prof expands air-quality data set

September 22, 2016 9:44 A.M.

There’s a new air-quality monitor in town.

Ordinarily, such news might not arouse much interest, but air quality in Kamloops has been the subject of heightened concern and awareness  through the environmental assessment of the proposed Ajax Mine.

Michael Mehta, TRU professor of geography and environmental studies, started the new monitor Wednesday as part of his program of research on air quality.

The monitor is located on the TRU campus and provides real-time data using the Air Quality Index (AQI) to help people understand risks associated with variations in air quality in this area for particulate matter, Mehta said

“It’s my hope to have several more monitors set up in Kamloops at different locations and elevations so that we can understand more fully our air shed,” he added.

Mehta invites people to contact him ( if they are willing to host a monitor (purchase price is $200). A WiFi network is needed. He will install the device and no maintenance is required.

Here the website for viewing the monitor data.

Techsegment says:
September 25, 2016 05:19am

This air quality monitoring project is really great. The fact that you can see the monitor data is also great! Good initiative! Thanks for taking care of our environment!


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Ellen says:
September 22, 2016 05:55pm

It's wonderful to see something being done to raise awareness of air pollution and air quality issues.

There is a growing body of genuinely frightening peer-reviewed research that shows how exposure to even small increases in particulate pollution lead to increased hospitalizations and premature deaths, not just in the sick and elderly, but also infants in the form of increased rates of SIDS.

Our culture simply has not caught up with the scientific reality. We still think people should have a right to pollute their communities with wood stoves and fireplaces, which cause more particulate pollution than cars in most places. We need to start putting public health first. A first step is raising awareness. I'm so glad to see this monitoring program being put into place.


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