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TRU may drop the S from Rivers

April 1, 2016 2:43 P.M.

Will that be one river or two?

TRU was having fun with April Fool’s Day Friday, posting on its website news of a two-year consultation with the community over the idea of dropping the S to make it Thompson River University.

The chair of the “Drop the S Task Force” is quoted as suggesting that the switch would reflect a more inclusive institution: “Our students, staff and faculty are all part of the same river of knowledge flowing through the institution,” said Sloop Lirpa.

Not everyone agrees. Others insist that keeping the S is a more diversified approach, allowing everyone to do their own thing but also flow together.

“The tipping point, though, is the hundreds of dollars that would be saved over the next 10 years from using less ink and paint in stationery and signage,” according to the story posted here. "Not to mention the thousands of long distance phone calls no longer needed to correct misspellings by national and international media.”

In the aftermath of TRU rebranding initiative, the bogus task force almost has a satirical side to it.

The next phase of the project, as the story goes, will see every S removed from the university’s name, so that it becomes Thompon River Univerity. 

“This will save even more money, and promote the ideal of ‘uni verity’ which is derived from the Latin phrase, ‘one true.’”

Students, staff and faculty were tweeting their applause to the campaign.

Pierre Filisetti says:
April 2, 2016 06:52pm

But dropping the "S" will undermine one's efforts to find "it"...making another re-branding imperative.


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