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TRU faculty talks set to continue

November 25, 2015 1:41 P.M.

Citing a strong mandate from members, TRU faculty negotiators hope to see clear administration responses to bargaining positions when the two sides meet next.

TRUFA members have voted 80 percent in favour of job action with talks set to resume on Monday, Dec. 7.

Union representatives met with administration negotiators Tuesday for 45 minutes and indicated afterward that the tone was reasonable and respectful. However, they want to see substantive written responses to a bargaining package presented on Oct. 20.

Any job action would require 72-hour notice.

In an update earlier this week, administration said negotiations so far have resulted in agreement on housekeeping issues, but further talks are needed to reach a new five-year contract.

The university maintains that remains confident that talks will continue and a settlement can be reached without any disruptions for students.

“We have talks scheduled throughout the week of Dec. 7,” said Christopher Seguin, vice-president of advancement. “We’re confident that we can make progress during those dates.”

He said the university has a contingency plan in place to minimized the effect of any labour action on students.

“We really hope we don’t have to utilize any of the planning.”

The last day of exams, marking the end of the fall semester, is Tuesday, Dec. 22.

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