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Tobiano developer runs for nomination

September 15, 2016 5:17 P.M.

Tobiano developer Mike Grenier has emerged as the latest B.C. Liberal seeking what will be a well contested nomination in Kamloops-North Thompson.

At Kamloops Airport Thursday, Grenier announced his intention to seek the party nod, his first foray into politics.

As president of Pagebrook Inc., Grenier relocated from Toronto to Kamloops and spearheaded development of Tobiano on Kamloops Lake starting in the late 1990s. The project later went into receivership until a new partnership restarted the residential golf course/marina development.

Grenier faces some high-profile competition in his candidacy — Steven Puhall, North Shore Business Improvement manager, and Mayor Peter Milobar.

He said he wants to use the nomination period as a platform for fresh ideas for the Liberals.

The nominee will run against Barb Nederpel, who is to be acclaimed Friday as NDP candidate in the riding.

Stewart Duncan says:
September 15, 2016 08:26pm

Perhaps the story could have mentioned if Mr. Grenier lives in the area he wishes to represent, or if he has any other connections to the region.


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