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This is the choice out of 350 million people?

September 27, 2016 4:19 A.M.
(NBC debate poster)

NOTE: This editorial was written before Monday night's U.S. presidential debate.

OTHERS HAVE SAID it so well. Out of a population of 350 million plus, the American voter must choose from Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton for their next president.

While Trump has been celebrated for casting aside political correctness, and for that he deserves some applause. But he is in fact a loud mouthed boor, who has relied on the inflammatory, and who has more often played fast and loose with the truth.

He's also reported to have changed his tune on major policy 117 times, and has been far too vague on what he might do on the world stage as president.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton has a suspect past, is tied by marriage to a disgraced former president, and who has herself imperilled national security by doing the government's business on her private, and insecure email account.

As secretary of state, she has not distinguished herself, and carries some of the blame for a loss of life at the U.S. embassy in Benghazi.

Now as the first debate between the two is about to take place…. the backdrop has degenerated to the attendance of Trump critic Mark Cuban, to the now denied suggestion that perhaps one of Bill Clinton's former bedmates might be invited as an offset….  though that has been quickly denied.

Hopefully, Americans will learn a lot more about their presidential candidates if they stick to talking policy tonight, but there's likely a reason the polls have the two virtually neck and neck because for most, this will be a Hobson's choice or, as one sage journalist put it quite awhile ago, this amounts to choosing from the evil of two lesser.

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