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Think Canada 150 for photo submissions

September 6, 2016 10:01 A.M.
City's 2017 calendar bears Canada 150 theme.

The City once again invites resident photographers — or any resident with a cellphone — to submit their images to illustrate its annual calendar, which will carry a Canada 150 theme in 2017 to mark the sesquicentennial year.

Sept. 30, 4:30 p.m., is the deadline for calendar submissions.

The Canadian historic theme doesn't have to be interpreted literally or directly. It could be a shot of hockey played on a frozen pond, an old-fashioned Christmas, a sports team photo, wildlife, scenic landscapes, hunting, fishing, bush camping, or even toques and plaid jackets. We'll leave it to your imagination of what it means to be a Canadian of yesteryear and daily life today. 

Photos of people may be used if a model release can be obtained. A photo release form is included on the City's website here.

Submit only digital photographs in high-resolution format. Email them (maximum three at a time) to:

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