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Tech innovation garners investor support

January 15, 2016 2:35 P.M.

Lightship Works, part of a cluster of tech firms supported by Kamloops Innovation Centre, has seen significant investment and market interest in its recently launched productivity and safety application for worksites. 

Lightship received $1.3 million from Anzu Partners, a U.S. investor, earlier in January. Since then, interest in the application has been spreading throughout the mining and natural resource sectors, and the company has significant international accounts pending, the company announced in a news release Friday.

The new software provides site management teams an up-to-the-second, bird’s-eye view of an entire worksite.

“Instead of relying on radio systems and standalone equipment monitoring, site teams now have a clear picture of their entire worksite,” said Lightship CEO Jaethan Reichel.

“Kamloops companies like Lightship are achieving success in a global marketplace. They are another example of what is being developed and grown here in Kamloops. Kamloops Innovation is fostering these startups and providing the vital early support they need,” said Lincoln Smith, executive director of Kamloops Innovation.

“There are other companies working with Kamloops Innovation who are set to replicate Lightship’s success,” he added. “These companies are bringing innovative new products and services to market and we expect to be sharing more success stories soon.”

Kamloops Innovation is a technology business accelerator located in the north shore area of Kamloops, providing open office space, programs and events aimed at growing the startup community in the B.C. Interior. The organization recently won a Startup Canada award for entrepreneurial support.

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