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Taking shortsighted path on laundry service

March 4, 2016 4:45 A.M.

Today's Featured Comment was written in response to "Contracting Out Laundry Service a No-Brainer."

First, this laundry is not your shirts and socks; it is contaminated with all the bio-hazardous drippings we don't want to think about. It must be washed and sterilized.

It is essential, to me, that my hospital bed be made with germ-free bedding and that my surgeon drapes my unconscious body with sterile material. Second, these laid-off workers will no doubt be subsidized by tax dollars when they take up minimum wage, part time work. As will the employees of the linen company taking over this work.

They won't make enough money to pay much in the way of income tax and will be entitled to Day care subsidies, rental subsidies, GST/HST rebates, etc.

If our politicians were leaders, they would take the long view. Instead, they're taking a cheap, shortsighted path that will cost much more in the long run. Would you replace your worn out washer/dryer with another set (short term pain) or send it out to a non-proven, unbuilt, privately owned laundromat and be at their mercy for cost and service level? How many surgeries will be postponed because the laundry truck is late or understocked?

In the short term, it might seem like a savings of 35 million dollars but looking at the big picture, it's more likely that the politicians will pat themselves on the back, the owner of the linen company will make out like a bandit, the workers will be underpaid and subsidized by tax dollars. Tax dollars that are paid by the ever-shrinking 'middle class'.


Bob says:
March 7, 2016 11:09am

It appears to me that you all believe if work is not performed by a union worker then the work being done is inferior. I tend to disagree. There is nowhere that I have found in my life's research a law that states you must be a union worker to work effectively.


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James Graff says:
March 6, 2016 08:51am

-This closing is quite appalling as we are talking about cleanliness here. Hospitals are not unionized for keeping things clean, they are unionized for keeping standards in place -for the most part- and this is a standard that really shouldn't be taken lightly nor, so to speak, commercialized for a very little cost recovery -even over time. This is actually quite appalling.


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