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Take a chance, wave hello to someone

February 27, 2016 4:03 A.M.
Give someone a wave. (Photo of Mayor Peter Milobar in Santa Parade - KCBIA photo)

Today's featured comment is in response to the Armchair Mayor column, ''Where did 'Good Morning' go?"

After 35 odd years (meant in both ways it could be taken) in Kamloops, I vaguely 'recognize' nearly everyone and therefore do make an effort to bravely make eye contact and say hello.

But I will share a story of why I do this more consciously than I used to: As with most potential wavers, the main reason I would not make eye contact and say hello to someone I don't know is the fear of (gasp!) them not responding, leaving me feeling like a dweeb (I am not sure what a dweeb is, exactly, but surely I have been one at one time or another). Sort of like the feeling you get when you wave back at someone, only to realize they are waving at the person behind you. Awkward!

It's enough to keep your eyes firmly on the pavement in perpetuity, right? Anyway, I find myself at a party and end up talking to a woman that I (again) vaguely recognize and what do we end up talking about? This very subject! She says to me, "You know, Vaughn, I thought you hated me because one time I waved at you and you just ignored me!"

Because I consider myself a friendly person, definitely not a 'hater', this bothered me as much as it bothered her. I assured her that I not only didn't "hate her" (she used those words, which to me seemed a bit extreme), I thought of myself as a 'waver' and the only explanation for my rudeness must be that I was lost in thought and/or didn't see her. (We are friends to this day, and of course when we see each other out and about we give each other a huge, over-done, hilarious wave and greeting.)

The take-away for me was this: I am now a committed waver - I would rather feel awkward for waving and not getting a response than for NOT waving and hurting someone's feelings, or making our community a bit less friendly.

I think friendliness is contagious and we must promote it and grow it - don't let the non-wavers discourage you, Mel! Wave Big, Wave Often, Wave Hard!


Kathy says:
February 27, 2016 01:17pm

Here, here! A smile and a wave can turn someone's day around.


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