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Suspect leads police to bike boneyard

July 13, 2016 4:18 P.M.

If you’ve had a bicycle stolen recently, you may want to check with City bylaws.

A suspected thief helped an observant Mountie recover a few missing wheels Wednesday.

While on patrol, the RCMP officer observed a male he recognizes, someone for whom an arrest warrant had been issued. The officer attempted to stop the suspect, but he tried to avoid the officer on a bicycle and cycled to Nelson Avenue, where he ran into the backyard of a residence.  

The officer quickly caught the suspect and arrested him. That’s when he noticed there were numerous bikes in various stages of dismantlement in the yard. Eleven bikes in total were recovered. One of the bikes was found to have been stolen on June 19.  

No arrests were made since no one at the residence claimed to know anything about the bikes. All of the recovered bikes were seized and are with the City bylaws.

Marc says:
July 13, 2016 10:08pm

Hmmmm. 217 Nelson Avenue again? A police raid at this place 5 weeks ago. A stolen utility trailer found in the backyard the last time. Wow.


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David Johnson says:
July 13, 2016 05:07pm

It seems inconceivable that our justice system is unable to lay charges on a yard full of stolen property, simply because the occupants say they don't know anything about it.
In other words, justice requires the criminal to be honest about culpability, even when the crime is discovered by an officer, on their own property.
I understand that the police don't have any direct proof of involvement, and I get that he was there for a different reason and stumbled on the bikes, but this still speaks to the ineptitude of a system that can not prosecute when stolen property is found on private property.


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