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Suspect faces charges after crime spree

August 5, 2016 4:18 P.M.

A Kamloops man remains in custody, facing multiple charges after a crime spree downtown on Tuesday, July 26.

Leonard Joseph Cantin is charged with three counts of arson as well as extortion, unlawful confinement and assault with a weapon.

The string of incidents began with three fires deliberately set in the downtown area around 6 a.m. Around 9:30 a.m., the suspect made his way to the offices of United Way in the 100 block of Victoria Street. He demanded cash from employees. They recognized him as a homeless person who had been living in the area.

At that point, the three employees went into a boardroom to speak with the man, who appeared agitated. He barricaded the door but one managed to call police.

Cantin is due in court Aug. 18.

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