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Support recovery beds address shortage

September 23, 2016 1:16 P.M.

An additional 26 support recovery beds in the Interior should help to ease a shortage in terms of mental health and substance use.

Interior Health said it has awarded five contracts to  another 26 beds, including six at the Phoenix Centre in Kamloops and six in Merritt.

“More beds mean more people can get their lives back,” said Health Minister Terry Lake. “Bed by bed, we are following through on our commitment to create new substance use treatment beds, so families can be made whole again, and communities can benefit from engaged, healthy members.”

These are the first five of 10 eventual contracts to provide an additional 57 beds to communities throughout the health region. 

Support recovery beds provide clients a safe, substance-free setting while they await residential treatment, return from residential treatment or transition to a more stable lifestyle.

“Our staff members are working very hard to get these beds open,” said Erwin Malzer, board chairman of Interior Health. “A support recovery bed is more than just a bed. It represents a place where clients can feel safe and secure, knowing they’ll receive the encouragement and treatment they require to restore their health.”

The 57 support recovery beds are part of IHA’s commitment in April to create 73 new substance use treatment beds including 16 withdrawal management beds. They’re also part of a government commitment to add 500 additional substance use spaces throughout the province.

The majority of the 57 support recovery beds will be completed and open by December.

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