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Students outscore provincial FSA average

December 8, 2015 5:25 P.M.

District students have outscored the provincial average in the B.C. foundation skills assessment.

The annual provincewide assessment provides a snapshot of grades four and seven abilities in the foundational skills of numeracy, reading comprehension and writing.

“We are ahead of the provincial average in all of the area,” said Denise Harper, board chairwoman. “Overall, we’re doing great in this school district.”

Kamloops-Thompson School District has a 95 percent participation rate in the assessment, higher than many districts because there is an effort to have all students write the exam. A high participation rate increases the reliability and validity of the exam results.

Grade 4 students in the district ranked 78 percent in meeting or exceeding expectations in reading, 82 percent in writing and 70 percent in numeracy. That compares with provincial averages of 67, 69 and 64 percent respectively.

Grade 7 students ranked 76 percent in reading, 86 percent in writing and 70 percent in numeracy compared with provincial averages of 63, 70 and 58 percent respectively.

“It shows we still want to keep working on improving numeracy,” Harper said. “I just don’t think that North Americans spend enough time on math.”

With the 2015 FSA results in, the next exams are just around the corner in January 2016.

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