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Store hands over swords, brass knuckles

August 5, 2016 12:58 P.M.
Not your usual thrift store goods. (Kamloops RCMP)

Along with the usual second-hand goods donated to a local thrift store came items not generally found between the clothing, glassware and used furniture.

Kamloops RCMP described the unusual donations Friday, items more likely to be seized during criminal investigations. They included two swords, various knives, live ammunition, brass knuckles, a pellet gun and a paint gun.

“It is always good to support local charities and organizations by donating clothing and household items to thrift and secondhand stores,” said Cpl Jodi Shelkie. “However, not all items are welcome or even legal to receive at these businesses.”

The weapons were received over a period of time, not as part of a single donation. There was no indication whether the goods were donated accidentally as part of a larger donation or whether the donor intended to pass them along.

The thrift store, which asked that its identity be withheld, contacted police. Shelkie said the items will be destroyed. She said police get called by secondhand retailers from time to time after weapons have been received.

“Many of these items can potentially be dangerous for the employees working in the store,” she added. “They aren’t suitable as a retail item and in the case of the brass knuckles, they are a prohibited weapon in Canada. We encourage anyone who may have any items like the above to bring them into your local police detachment.”

While the pellet and paint gun are not restricted weapons, thrift stores dont' want them on their shelves, she said.

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