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Speeder's video prompts police warning

September 6, 2016 4:58 P.M.


Okanagan Bob has a need for speed.

Okanagan Bob, as he — or she — declares on YouTube, posted a video driving 179 km/h in a posted 100 km/ speed zone along the newer stretch of Hwy. 97 between Oyama and Winfield.

The video, entitled Vernon to Lake Country Autobahn, was uploaded July 31 and shows the speed demon almost doubling the posted speed limit.

It also has the caption: Traffic was light, so why not?

RCMP can provide plenty of reasons why not.

Aside from the hazards of driving at such speeds, Vernon RCMP said the driver could face dangerous driving charges, which is a criminal offense.

Should they get caught driving at such a speed they would have their car impounded for seven days and be fined $483.

Other charges are possible, depending on the circumstances police said.

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