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Seized Labs to be returned to owner

August 18, 2016 2:21 P.M.

Twenty-two Labrador dogs seized Wednesday by bylaw enforcement remain at the City pound for the time being.

Kamloops RCMP confirmed that the dogs, including 14 puppies, never went to the SPCA as initially indicated. Instead, bylaws has kept them as it attempts to contact the owner.

Police got involved only after a concerned citizen heard the animals in the back of a van parked outside a motel in Valleyview.

Officers attended the hotel and located the owner of the van, a woman from Saskatchewan. Inside were five full-grown Labrador dogs and 14 puppies. There had been no safety measures taken to protect the dogs while they were being transported and the pets did not appear to be in good health.

However, the SPCA was unable to find sufficient grounds for seizing the animals, Cpl. Jodi Shelkie said Thursday.

Kamloops SPCA said it has been contacted but wanted to make it clear — with concerns about being inundated with calls from the public — that the local shelter does not have care of the animals.

It's left to the City, therefore, to reunite the canines with the owner.

“We’re working to contact the owner,” said Jon Wilson, community safety and enforcement manager. “Obviously they’re entitled to their dogs back. We were only caring for the animals.”

Darleen says:
August 20, 2016 12:26am

I disagree with Jon Wilson's statment that the dog owners are entitled to their dogs back. I would say that they lost that entitlement when they chose transport and leave 22 dogs unattended in the small space of a van,without safety precautions and in
intensely hot temperatures. Add to that the dogs appearance of poor health. I think the dogs are entitled to much better care and attention.


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