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Season opens with disco-style comedy

August 29, 2016 9:40 A.M.

Western Canada Theatre discos back to the stage with an Italian-accented comedy set, in of all places, Jasper, Alta.

Written and performed by Farren Timoteo, Edmonton-based writer, actor and director, Made in Italy is in production for a run at Pavilion Theatre, Sept. 8-24.

Made in Italy is the story of Francesco, an Italian teenager caught between two worlds and determined to make his mark. Could singing on TV’s Search for Talent be his ticket out? WCT describes the play as a hilarious coming of age story about a kid with the heart of Rocky Balboa and the moves of John Travolta.

Timoteo’s inspiration came from his own family.

“Hearing my grandfather’s stories of Italy before he immigrated, my father’s stories of growing up with a culture that Canadians didn’t understand, and experiencing my family’s country of origin for himself,” he says.

The story will resonate with audiences around universal questions of identity, family and belonging.

“Not only does he get to play countless different characters, but he also gets to sing some fantastic songs and show off his disco skills,” says director Daryl Cloran.

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