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Safety-wise, New Afton brings home the gold

June 9, 2016 2:38 P.M.
(Mining Association of B.C.)

New Afton Mine took home the gold at a provincial mine rescue competition.

Mine rescue teams from across B.C. gathered last weekend to compete in the 61st annual Provincial Mine Rescue and First Aid Competition, part of the rich history of B.C. mine rescue competitions that date back more than a century.

New Afton excelled in the underground mine categories, placing first in two-thirds of the categories.

Mine safety has not only flourished since the first competition in 1915, it has become an art form — one perfected and assessed each year at the competition. The event pits teams of mine safety and rescue professionals against one another in head-to-head competitions involving simulated mine rescue situations.

The spirited competition is as much an intensive learning opportunity as it is a chance to test emergency response capabilities. Annual events ensure that mine rescue teams throughout the province are trained to the same high standards, and highlight the B.C. mining industry’s commitment to health and safety best practices. Mining continues to be one of the safest heavy industries in the province.

A complete list of the winners follows:

Underground Mine Rescue:

Best Bench Technician Trophy: David Heathfield, Sullivan Mine

USWA Mine Mill Trophy (Best Underground Co-ordinator): New Afton Mine

Richard Booth Award (Best written score for Underground Team): New Afton Mine

Sullivan Cup (Best First Aid by Underground Team): New Afton Mine

Barry Abbott Memorial Trophy (Best Underground Practical Skills): Sullivan Mine

Best Performance in Underground Smoke: Sullivan Mine

Keith Bracewell Memorial Award (Best Obstacle and Recovery): New Afton Mine

Levitt Safety Fire Trophy (Underground): New Afton

Overall Underground winner: New Afton

Three Person First Aid: Greenhills Mine

Kathy Lofstrom Memorial Trophy (Best three-person coach: Amand Cunliffe

Open Pit Mine Rescue:

Ron Brown Memorial (Best Extrication for Surface Team): Elkview Mine

Maurice Boisse Memorial Trophy (Best Practical Bench Skills): Elkview Mine

Levitt Fire Trophy: Greenhills Mine

East Kootenay Mines Industrial Safety Association Trophy (Best Written): Elkview Mine

HVC Highest non-aggregate points: Greenhills Mine

Overall Surface winner: Greenhills Mine

Chief Inspectors Award: Gerry Wong, Highland Valley Copper

The following were also awarded though not as part of the competition:

The John T Ryan National Mine Safety Award:

  • Greenhills  Teck Coal - National Coal Award
  • New Afton Mine - New Gold Inc - Regional Award Winner for BC Yukon

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