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ROTHENBURGER - What the hell is going on?

September 24, 2016 4:50 A.M.
Dan Brooks (BC Conservatives image)

LET’S SUM UP the week in politics.

Donald Trump thinks the cops should do “profiling” and what’s called stop and frisk on people. This is his idea of how to stop the racial violence in the U.S. That is, do stuff that has been proven unconstitutional, ineffective and discriminatory.

Justin Trudeau is catching it on the chin over moving expenses incurred by a couple of staff members under policies used by the former Conservative government. The Tories made quite a fuss about it, until it was revealed they’d been doing the same thing now that they're the Opposition.

How much simpler everything was in the days when the government kept everything secret.

Nancy Bepple, seeking the NDP nomination in Kamloops-South Thompson, thinks something should be done about the social housing situation. She is “raising concerns” about things. She thinks “more needs to be done” about poverty. She has questions about Ajax. And she doesn’t think the B.C. Liberals have been doing a good job.

Yes, indeed, somebody really ought to do something.

Peter Milobar is running on his experience, and so is Steven Puhallo, both wanting the Liberal nomination for Kamloops-North Thompson.

Michael Grenier, who wants the same job, wants to subsidize snow tires for people who drive cars in the North Thompson Valley.

And suddenly, the B.C. Liberals are behind the NDP in public opinion polls (as of Thursday, the NDP are favoured by 34.8 per cent compared to the Liberals 34.4 per cent. Which cynical STV people will tell you, should pretty much guarantee the Liberals a majority.)

Interesting to note that here in the Interior, the Libs hold a comfortable lead, 37.3 compared to 29.2 per cent. The B.C. Conservatives (Who? Exactly) are ahead of the Greens in these parts by a couple of percentage points.

Which brings us around to the new leader of the B.C. Conservatives, Dan Brooks. He was also the old leader. The one who quit as leader of the party a few months ago, then decided he wanted his job back.

Brooks is from Vanderhoof, but he lived for awhile in Kamloops, where he rented a small office in an effort to establish the party headquarters. He even moved his family here, but eventually gave up on the idea.

Which makes it interesting that there was a sign back on the door of that same office announcing that he was a candidate for the party leadership. Was he in town again? Did anyone see him?

Brooks, incidentally, attributes his victory second time around to a clear vision for determined leadership. Determined, definitely. Clear, maybe not so much.

By the way, he’s another one who doesn’t think the Liberals have been doing such a great job.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin called former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell a liar this week. This is the man Donald Trump says is a better leader than Barack Obama.

Ted Cruz, who once said that if he endorsed Donald Trump he would be no better than “a servile puppy dog,” endorsed Trump on Friday.

He explained that he’d prayed on it. He now believes the man he warned to leave his wife “the hell alone,” and described as “a sniveling coward,” would make a good president.

The mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina, would like both Trump and Hillary Clinton to stay away.

I’m searching for a common thread in all of this, some clue as to where we are going as a region, a province, a country, the world, a hint, perhaps, that it actually all makes sense — or, as The Donald once put it, to figure out "what the hell is going on," but I’m not finding one.

Maybe it will all be explained when he and Clinton get together for the debate on Monday night.

But I won’t be holding my breath.


James Graff says:
September 24, 2016 08:02am

-This is really a good piece, you can hear the humour in it and as to what is going on, in terms of an official understanding of the present day scatter brain set of principles, which are purported to show the way for leadership in North America, well...

-Let's just say everyone is somewhat foggy on why they're running for anything as of late
-other than it's a paycheque- and so it seems that everyone has taken to the way of The Donald talky style: (as i heard it said recently) 'from the hip.'

"Pow, Pow, Pow: How'd ya like them apples." thinking or "That logic was whizzing by your head and ya never picked it up..." (One never picked it up, because it wasn't logic, yet saying it authoritatively makes it sound good anyways.)

Yep we're in a day of too many angles for the same issue and therefore nobody wants to spend the time to digest and then reduce the issues into sizeable portions that can be whittled away, yet people would rather just say what comes to mind like a cartoon: Like, "Hey what flavour is that? " "I don't know, but my underwear are too tight." (You see the logic: there isn't any and nobody seems to notice and everyone laughs anyways...)

The real reasoning went with Kinsella passing here a couple of days ago: He wrote about the real world in baseball, whose analogy to life that either kept you to the plate and moving around the bases, or you were out and no questioning the ump...Simpler times and, even, in a sense of what was real; right; honest and had a direction everyone could follow. Kinsella probably hated these latter days.


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Pierre Filisetti says:
September 24, 2016 07:15am

You are looking for a clue...a common thread? It is right there under our eyes...the people actually running for office...servile puppy dogs and sniveling cowards, IMHO.


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