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Rescue in progress at waterfalls

August 25, 2016 1:16 P.M.
Crawford Falls (Flickr/Jason Drury)


KELOWNA — Search and rescue crews from Penticton have been called in to assist with the rescue of a woman who fell from a rock face at Crawford Falls.

The Penticton team are equipped with a Human External Transport System.

They were requested by the unified incident command consisting of Kelowna Fire Department and BC Ambulance Service.

Meantime, the woman who fell, a 31-year-old Kelowna resident named Christine fell approximately 12 metres to the base of Crawford Falls.

Russ McCrone, one of three people who were hiking at the falls, said she seems to be doing better although she is holding her hip. He said another hiker friend is with her.

Witnesses at the scene say three hikers were on a walk at the scenic spot in Kelowna's Upper Mission area.

At least one of the hikers attempted to free climb a rock wall.

It's not known how far the woman fell, but it is believed she may have broken her hip. She is conscious, the witness said.

Rescuers are still trying to reach the woman.

– with files from Jen Zielinski

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