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Report abuse of seniors to police

August 5, 2016 4:33 A.M.

As it stands in B.C., a senior in a facility is rarely afforded the same rights and protections by law that the rest of us are entitled to. I say this because I was told by the police that suspected physical, mental, sexual, and financial abuse committed by a resident or employee of a senior facility are criminal offenses that should be reported to law enforcement by management or a family member. My research has shown that these offenses are not being reported.

The Licencing Branch within each Health Authority is responsible for monitoring the health and safety of seniors through regular inspections that reveal whether the facility is in compliance with the regulations. And if not, should be applying methods of enforcement to stop violations against our seniors. They are not. Proof being that the Senior Advocate's reports state that violations have increased by 21% since 2014 of which 44% are in the category of "Care and Supervision".

According to the regulations, these incidents should be documented and reported by management to their health authority. Inspection reports show that infractions in the category of "Records and Reporting" is a frequent failure by management. And the health authorities are failing to address this problem effectively.

Abuse is a criminal offense. Our government officials are not protecting our seniors. If we want to ensure their safety, we must take matters into our own hands by reporting these offenses to the police to be dealt with in a court of law as they should be.



Teri LaBoucan says:
August 7, 2016 01:28pm

Good work Judy. It is time to start standing up for our seniors, people. What we ignore now will fall on us, when it comes our turn to be in a facility and for us baby boomers, that is not too far away!


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