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RCMP disciplinary hearing delayed

July 21, 2016 1:04 P.M.
(Jennifer Zielinkski)


A disciplinary hearing for former Osoyoos RCMP Const. Amit Goyal has again been delayed.

The hearing, which had been slated to start on July 25, is now moved to Sept. 13 in Vancouver Federal Court.

Goyal was suspended with pay from the Osoyoos detachment in June 2013 and after multiple delays and cancelled hearings, the newest date is now in September.  His departure from the RCMP followed two reports of vehicles stolen from his home in 2012. The cars were later found torched.

Charges were recommended by Trail RCMP against Goyal, but were not pursued by Crown counsel.

He currently faces three allegations under Section 39 of the RCMP regulations and two under Section 45 (b).

Section 39 reads that a member shall not engage in any disgraceful or disorderly act of conduct that could bring discredit to the force. Section 45 (b) states that a member shall not knowingly make a false, misleading or inaccurate statement or report to any member who is superior in rank or who has authority over that member pertaining to any investigation.

A hearing was set for March 8 in Vancouver, but was cancelled for unknown reasons. Two prior conduct hearings, set for July 28 and then Aug. 31, 2015, in Vancouver, also never happened.

Staff Sgt. Julie Gagnon, with RCMP national media relations, told Castanet in March the force had done everything it could to schedule the hearing.

“I can tell you that every effort is made for adjudication board hearings to be scheduled in a timely manner,” Gagnon said. “However, these hearings are formal, court-like processes. Much like judicial proceedings, hearing dates, times and locations are subject to change for any number of reasons.”

While not commenting specifically on the Goyal case, Gagnon said discipline hearings can be delayed for reasons including scheduling conflicts, availability of participants, availability of the discipline board due of illness or other reasons, availability of witnesses, hearing venues, the need to wait for parallel proceedings and even weather.

Gagnon could not be immediately reached for comment Thursday on why there is another delay.

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