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Project X, Chimera agree to merger

July 14, 2016 4:52 P.M.
Andrew Cooper and Melissa Thomas in the X Fest production of Munsch Upon A Time.

Two of the city’s most prominent theatre groups have agreed to combine their talents.

Project X Theatre will merge this fall with Chimera Theatre to form a single company with a new name yet to be determined.

Formed more than a decade ago, Project X is in the midst of its biggest production, X Fest, which includes among its twin cast members Andrew Cooper, who also happens to be artistic producer and founder of Chimera Theatre.

In the fall, Cooper will assume the role of artistic producer of the new company. Melissa Thomas, currently artistic director, will remain so. Dusan Magdolen, currently general manager, will become managing producer. 

The decision to merge was made after a significant overlap became apparent between the two companies. They mutually recognized an opportunity for growth as a single entity, along with the prospect for more administrative support through combined resources.

The three managers will report to a governance board comprised of a dozen committees.

An official launch party is set for Saturday, July 30, 9 p.m., in Prince Charles Park after X Fest closes.

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