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Players take audiences on four adventures

July 15, 2016 12:53 P.M.
Clockwise from top left, Kelsey Launier, Brittney Martens, Zack Fernstrom and Krystine Lucas are the 2016 Rivertown Players. (Emily-May Photography)

A perennial part of summer fun in the city, the Rivertown Players are back at it, this season with four different plays, each one written by a different cast member.

The troupe, often providing summer employment for theatre students, is organized through a partnership between Kamloops Arts Council and Project X. They perform free family-style theatre at parks and special events.

Krystine Lucas, Brittney Martens, Zack Fernstrom and Kelsey Launier perform Tuesdays through Saturdays, touring around the city. Full information and updates about where they can be found is available on their Facebook page. The productions are overseen by Melissa Thomas of Project X Theatre. 

Here are their plays:

The Quest for the Golden Glittery Gaglardi Goblet

Written by Krystine Lucas

Follow Piper Pumpernickel as she goes on an adventure around the world! Accompanied by the magical, Madame Maheena Mahoona, they travel around the globe in search for The Golden Glittery Gaglardi Goblet, the magical item that will give super powers to those who drink from it! As they travel around the world they meet crazy locals, and face epic adventures, but they have to move fast, before the dreaded Bernardo Broccoli find the goblet first.

Detective General Foxworthy

Written by Brittney Martens

Detective General Foxworthy needs your help to find the scoop on the mysterious noise that has been keeping Mrs. Furrybottom up in the night! You will run into many wacky characters along the way, and the mystery will truly stump Detective General Foxworthy. Use your ears, your eyes and all of your senses to help solve the mystery.

The Chronicle of Captain Constellation

Written by Zack Fernstrom

Follow Captain Constellation as he crash lands on a new planet with his robot HILAR-E. Watch as they explore and meet new aliens, Baleeq and The Queen. Then help teach them a valuable lesson about stealing others belongings.


Written by Kelsey Launier

Iggy is an imaginative young girl, who just wants to play at the beach with her friends. There's a problem though; none of her friends had ever used their imaginations before. It's up to you and Iggy to teach a valuable lesson about creativity and trying new things.

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