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Peterson Creek Bridge work tendered

Disruptions expected to be minimal, starting late September
September 12, 2016 8:47 A.M.
Peterson Creek Bridge (Marian Zeller/

Peterson Creek Bridge in Kamloops will undergo drainage improvements this fall, providing long-term benefits to the structure and for hikers who use the Peterson Creek trail system.

“This busy crossing forms part of the Trans-Canada Highway network, and sees more than 17,000 vehicles per day,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Todd Stone. “It’s important that we get this work done, to increase the longevity of the structure and to help reduce hazards for the hikers that use the Peterson Creek trail system.”

A contract has been awarded to Extreme Excavating Ltd. of Kamloops. Construction is projected to cost approximately $560,000.

Construction is expected to begin in late September and last approximately four to six weeks.

Single-lane closures will only be permitted during the day, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Lane closures will only be required at certain stages of the project and impacts to the travelling public are anticipated to be minimal.

For park users, traffic controllers will be on-site to ensure safety during equipment operation and to help direct hikers through the park. The trail on the east side of Peterson Creek will remain open, while the trail that is routed on the west side of Peterson Creek will likely be closed as it will be required for the contractor to access the project site.

Built in 1974, the bridge was designed to last 50 years.

Grouchy 1 says:
September 12, 2016 08:59am

Why are there no details on the work being done ? This sounds like another make work project for a friend of the Liberal party right before an election to make people think they are actually doing something.


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