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Owner reunited with 22 seized Labs

August 19, 2016 4:51 P.M.

Twenty-two Labrador dogs seized earlier in the week out of concern for their welfare have been returned to the owner.

The canines, including 14 puppies and a pregnant dog, spent a few days at the City pound before officials were able to reconnect with the owner, a Saskatchewan woman who was travelling through Kamloops.

RCMP were called after receiving a complaint Tuesday that the dogs were being kept in a van outside of a Valleyview motel. Initial concerns about the condition of the animals were later allayed, but not before inquiries began to flood in from people interested in possibly adopting one of the dogs.

Jon Wilson, community safety and enforcement manager, said the dogs were given a clean bill of health by the SPCA, so they had to be returned to their rightful owner. He said they made sure the owner was aware of proper care and transport of the animals.

The woman was fined for transporting living animals without protection.

John says:
August 21, 2016 11:36pm

Shame on this woman,14 puppies and 8 adult dogs,one being pregnant!I wish we had better laws,this woman is running a puppy mill while 100,s of thousands Canadian dogs are dying .Rescue a Canadian dog people,make a difference,change these numbers, and stop breeders and importers from exploiting animals to pay their mortgages or rent..


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