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Opposition grows against park waterslide

August 23, 2016 11:54 A.M.


PENTICTON — Opponents of a Skaha Park waterslide project say hundreds have shown support for continuing their cause.

In a news release, Nelson Meikle said about 450 people have shown support for another rally against the private business project in the public park.

The waterslide has faced controversy during the past year, with a rally of hundreds against the project, as well as being the subject of two lawsuits.

A petition has also been signed by thousands against the project.

Meikle said organizers will likely be set for an early September rally after receiving both legal replies from the city regarding the lawsuits. Those, he said, are expected by Aug. 31.

Ken McClelland says:
August 23, 2016 08:30pm

I see the fun police have expanded their operations from Kamloops to Penticton. Gee, a water slide. How awful is that? It might bring a smile to somebody's face, and you certainly wouldn't want that to happen. And there is that other bothersome and undesirable side issue, a businessperson providing employment for themselves and perhaps others, and dare I say it, perhaps turning a profit. Pretty strong language for a family publication, I know. Here, it was an objection to a fellow that wanted to rent floaties to people so they could float down the river on a hot sunny day. I was recently in Penticton, lots of people floating there....


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