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No good news in Clinton-Trump debate

September 27, 2016 4:23 A.M.
Millions of eyes watched them duke it out on TV.

 A NewsKamloops editorial by Mel Rothenburger.

THEY SAY more than 100 million Americans — and more than a few Canadians — tuned in to the debate Monday night between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

That may have been due to a lot of hype, as the networks played up the “tightening of the race” and the grand importance of the debate to both presidential candidates.

Many questions were being asked. Would Trump be restrained, would he be more presidential? Would Clinton be less “shrill,” would she be able to defend herself on the email scandal? How was each candidate preparing?  What would their hair look like?

Well, the last question is ours. And, if you missed it, Donald’s hair looked like a sneeze would blow it apart; Hillary’s as though it was nicely coiffed and sprayed with Varathane. That’s how silly this whole charade has become.

And how did it all end up? According to the pundits, The Donald started strong, scoring points on the economy and trade deals, cornering Clinton on whether she supported past trade deals, but steadily lost ground after that.

Those who wanted the Donald Trump we knew earlier in the campaign to emerge weren’t disappointed as he soon started going sideways, unable to stop himself from angry and irrelevant retorts to Clinton’s pokes about his tax returns, his insults to women and so-called birtherism.

As a defence of his many slams at women he even doubled down on his battle with comedian Rosie O’Donnell.

What did it all mean? It means Clinton was better prepared with better answers; Trump showed his old self, the one who insists he’ll fix everything that’s wrong with America, the one who makes faces and says incredibly dumb stuff, the one who makes a jack-ass of himself just about every time he opens his mouth.

In other words, the one who is neck-and-neck in the polls with Clinton, the one so many people in the United States want to be their president.

In short, there was little in this debate to be cheerful about.

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Robert George Barriere says:
September 29, 2016 12:59am

Where are the FDR,s,JFK,s and Harry Trumans?Who is going to stand up against Putin,Iran,North Korea and China?
Things looked mighty bleak in the late 30,s and early 40,s,but some very good people got us through it.
We can only hope.


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