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New students brighten enrolment outlook

September 13, 2016 9:50 A.M.

An influx of families over the course of the summer seems to be slowing if not reversing a long-term enrolment decline in Kamloops-North Thompson School District.

School trustees have approved the hiring Monday night of seven additional teachers to accommodate more students than projected.

Supt. Alison Sidow reported to trustees that district schools start the year with 230 students more than projected.

There are 115 more students in kindergarten, 88 more in elementary and 27 more in secondary schools than forecast.

The increased enrolment, though distributed evenly across grades, means additional staff must be hired at city and rural elementary schools. An extra teacher will be added to staffing at Arthur Stevenson, Beattie, Marion Schilling in Kamloops as well as at elementary schools in Chase, Logan Lake and Savona.

At the secondary level, South Shore schools in Kamloops, particularly Valleyview, have seen the greatest increase.

Final enrolment figures won't be confirmed until month's end.

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