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New school reporting system causes headaches

MyEducationB.C. brought in to replace trouble-prone BCeSIS
November 9, 2015 7:57 A.M.


A new school reporting system is causing teachers so many headaches that many are concerned they won’t be able to complete report cards by deadline.

David Komljenovic, president of Kamloops Thompson Teachers Association, meets with school board Monday night, Nov. 9, to ask for measures to allow teachers to adapt to the system.

A KTTA survey found that 74 percent feel minimally confident or not confident at all in using the My Education B.C. program. A significant majority of teachers have found the grade-tracking system to be difficult to use and it’s causing workload issues, Komljenovic said.

Introduced in September at a cost of $95 million, My Education B.C. was intended as a remedy for longstanding issues with the previous reporting system, BCeSIS. 

“The My Education B.C. reporting program has caused significant workload issues for teachers, and with increasing time being spent on learning a program that is inadequate, the concern is that it will have an overall effect on preparation for classroom instruction,” Komlojenovic said.

The B.C. Enterprise Student Information System was notorious for slow performance, hampering schools’ ability to make timetable changes, process student transfers and complete attendance. The system was often overwhelmed and unavailable during peak usage.

Kamloops-Thompson teachers are not the only ones experiencing difficulty with the new system. Central Okanagan School District has said the new system has cost it a great deal of time and money. The district has complained to the provincial government about problems caused by the lagging system, asking for financial compensation.

The KTTA is asking School District 73 to join it in requesting that the Ministry of Education reduce the number of mandatory reporting periods this year until the system has been fixed.

They are also requesting that the district allow release time for teachers to obtain appropriate training for the program ahead of reporting.

They also want the ministry to provide funding to provide for adequate training and preparation.

School board meets Tuesday in Westwold.

Orla says:
November 9, 2015 10:45am

And so what was WRONG with the 'OLD' system???
My grandchildren have been getting their reports ON TIME every year for the past 6 years here, so what is changed??

This is not acceptable. Teachers are already overloaded and now are
being stressed out even more.


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