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NDP's Nederpel attacks Liberal track record

Kamloops-North Thompson to be acclaimed in September
By Mike Youds
August 22, 2016 11:31 A.M.

With health care as her primary platform, nurse and advocate Barbara Nederpel confirmed her candidacy in Kamloops-North Thompson Monday, criticizing the incumbent, Health Minister Terry Lake, for his track record.

“I am truly standing here before you because of the health care I received,” Nederpel said, explaining that she suffered asthma as a child and depended on the health-care system. 

“This has what has led me to do my work as an advocate,” she said. “I have worked hard, advocating for protection and the expansion of the Canada health-care system through a health accord, a national Pharmacare program and a national seniors care strategy.”

The deadline for nominees elapsed Friday with Nederpel as the only candidate approved by the party to run in Kamloops-North, said NDP constituency president Michael Crawford. The constituency is holding nomination meetings in Clearwater, Barriere and Kamloops on Sept. 17 to acclaim Nederpel as the candidate.

Nederpel said the B.C. Liberal government has given her and likeminded activists plenty for which to fight. Lake has not yet said whether he intends to run in the 2017 election. Nederpel said she doesn't think he will run again. That won't change her campaigning, though.

“Through underfunding, increasing privatization, and inaction, too many British Columbians are not getting the services they need, when they need it,” she said. “Terry Lake broke his promise to provide everyone with a physician by 2015. As a result, people without a primary care provider end up in ER, acute care, ICU, or worse, simply because they couldn’t access basic medical services.”

Three out of four long-term care homes don’t meet minimum staffing levels and as a result there were 422 resident-on-resident acts of violence last year, she said.

Even as the Liberal government mounts a legal battle against the constitutional challenge by Dr. Brian Day, who operates the for-profit Cambie Surgery Centre in Vancouver, they are allowing erosion of universal health care, she said.

“They are contracting out tens of thousands of surgeries to private surgical clinics including here in Kamloops. And now, Terry Lake is considering allowing private clinics to keep patients overnight for up to three days, essentially creating private hospitals. That's a direct attack on the public health care.”

Nederpel also criticized the Liberals over their economic record in the Interior, saying that unemployment here is so high at nine percent that the region qualifies for extended unemployment benefits.

“Both Liberal MLAs in Kamloops have miserable records on jobs. Terry Lake privatizes hospital laundry jobs, sending them to Kelowna, and his friend in Kamloops-South has ferries built in Germany and Poland and busses built in China.”

Trained as a licensed practical nurse, Nederpel works in the respiratory clinic at RIH and serves as second vice-president of the HEU, a non-paid position. She also serves as president of the Kamloops and District Labour Council.

Michael Crawford says:
August 22, 2016 09:56pm

Liz, unemployment is high in the BC interior. We need a government that will put more effort into creating jobs in the interior.

The federal government reports 9% unemployment in the southern BC interior.


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Liz says:
August 23, 2016 11:45am

Kamloops latest monthly unemployment is 4 1/2 % and the riding being contested is in Kamloops, do I care what the rate is in other parts on the Interior, not so much.


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Liz says:
August 22, 2016 01:07pm

I am looking for reasons to vote against the Liberals, they have over stayed their welcome. If Barbara wants my vote she needs to spend more time on researching her facts. For starters can she explain where she got her unemployed numbers.
Why do candidates use misinformation to try and win voters over, we need facts and the effective interpretation of same in order to assess the individuals position, not heresay and bs.


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