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Mountain races begin this weekend

September 8, 2016 3:04 P.M.

Wet weather in advance ensures that this weekend’s North Face Dirty Feet Trail Race lives up to its name.

A Sun Peaks event running Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 10-11, Dirty Feet is one of two to challenge athletes this month at Sun Peaks. The Reebok Spartan Races take place Saturday, Sept. 24.

Dirty Feet races challenge competitors to a test of endurance at elevation, featuring a variety of distances to accommodate athletes of all ages and levels of ability.

On Saturday, the mountain 50-km and relay course will be a cloverleaf design and can be raced as a solo or in teams, utilizing mountain bike trails off the Sunburst chair, high alpine hiking trails on Mt. Tod and backcountry mountain bike and Nordic trails on Mt. Morrisey. 

For those looking for slightly less demanding options, The North Face Dirty Feet Mountain Run will be taking to the trails Sunday. There will be a 21-km mountain half and an 11-km race, in addition to a 5-km run/walk and kids race to close out the weekend.

Reebok Spartan Races also return to Sun Peaks to challenge the cardio, endurance, and resolve of its' participants, engaging each competitor with unique obstacles staggered through the mountainous course. The Reebok Spartan Race series has different events to suit all ages and abilities. On Saturday , Sept. 24, Sun Peaks hosts a 20-plus km Spartan Beast race. For those looking for the ultimate test of mettle, a 42-plus km Ultra Beast race. On Sunday, more casual participants can try their hand at the five-plus km Sprint race, and for up and coming Spartans there will also be a Spartan Junior race for kids, with partial proceeds going to charity.

“We are excited to continue our partnerships with The North Face Dirty Feet Trail Series and the Reebok Spartan Races this month," said Aidan Kelly, the resort’s chief marketing officer. "Though different in appeal, both events have continued to grow in popularity, and much of that is due to the event organizers ability to build on the success of the previous events, continuing to raise the bar and develop their respective courses each year."

Later in this season's race schedule, many Spartans will be competing at Sun Peaks to earn their third and final piece of the coveted trifecta medal.

For race descriptions and registration information please visit the event pages on event calendar at:

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