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More infill, higher density favoured

August 23, 2016 11:06 A.M.

Public input provided for the second phase of the City’s official community plan (OCP) update is now available.

The report presents key themes and results on two draft land use scenarios as well as on goals and policy directions under ten OCP topic areas.

Input was primarily gathered via KamPlan “roadshow” events, self-facilitated “OCPizza Night” workshops and meetings with stakeholders. A broad range of groups were consulted in Phase 2, including neighbourhood associations, business improvement associations, local industry, local policy committees and non-profit service providers, among others.

Among the long-term goals they favour for the city:

  • Infill development, increased density and increased vibrancy in the core.
  • Complete neighbourhoods with amenities, recreational facilities and bike/pedestrian connectivity to parks and other parts of the city.
  • Alternative transportation – more frequent public transit and an expanded bike network.
  • Urban agriculture – proximity and access for residents in all types of housing.
  • Preservation of green spaces and protection of sensitive natural areas.
  • Affordable housing options for all community members.
  • Local business and entrepreneurs – incentives and partnerships to attract and retain.
  • Accessible and inclusive recreation, housing, infrastructure and services.

Both the report and an extended appendices section can be viewed here

Staff are using the feedback to update existing KamPlan policies and generate new ones. The first draft of the new OCP will undergo a technical, legal and financial review this fall. They plan to have the first draft ready for public comment and review in early 2017.



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