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Mentor program wins national award

August 10, 2016 11:37 A.M.
Students meet with mentors at a 2016 Networking 411 event. (TRU)

A TRU career mentoring program (CMP) that has mushroomed since 2011 from 40 local mentors to more than 800 regional, provincial, national and international partnerships has gained recognition.

The program has won the Conference Board of Canada’s Silver Global Best Award for Innovative and Creative Partnerships for the North America region.

CMP coordinators Arlene Olynyk and Susan Forseille will receive the award in Oslo, Norway, in September.

“Being recognized internationally demonstrates that the kinds of partnerships we have built are over the top—what our career mentors are doing is not being done everywhere and people are looking to us as leaders in the field,” said Olynyk, who also serves as TRU’s alumni relations supervisor.

The award, which was selected by an international panel of judges, will be presented at the Global Best Awards, a bi-annual event that celebrates outstanding and effective business, education and community organization partnerships that have a significant impact on the communities in which they operate.

Over the past six years the CMP has grown from a grassroots level with 40 local mentors to generating regional, provincial, national and international partnerships to build a community of over 800 co-career educators. The purpose of the program is to enhance career development and student employability upon graduation.

To date, more than 2,700 students have connected with career mentors throughout Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Iceland, Sweden, Australia and Africa.

“Inviting mentors to share their career advice and insight, from their personal perspectives, was the beginning of what has proven to be an exceptional education strategy with strong evidence supporting inspiring results,” said Olynyk.


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