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McLeod: Len Marchand will be dearly missed

June 7, 2016 4:06 A.M.
MP Cathy McLeod pays tribute to Hon. Len Marchand in House of Commons.

Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo MP Cathy McLeod paid tribute to the late Senator Len Marchand Sr. in the House of Commons on Monday:

Mr. Speaker  I would like to pay tribute to the Hon. Len Marchand who passed away last week in Kamloops.

Len was considered a true hero. His autobiography entitled Breaking Trail truly embodied what he achieved during his life. Len advocated for a strong role for indigenous people in Canadian political life.

He was the first and only First Nations person to be elected three times in the House of Commons from British Columbia. in Ottawa he was appointed as parliamentary secretary, as minister of state as Minister of the Environment and latterly a senator.

According to the B.C. Lt.-Governor upon receiving the Order of B.C. Mr. Marchand was able to influence Canadian policy from the inside in a way that no other aboriginal Canadian had ever been able to do. Beyond politics his achievements were far-reaching and had a huge impact on our country and our community.

A true gentleman, Len will be dearly missed. I know as legacy will live on and I offer my sincere condolences to the family.

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