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McLeod invites input on Budget 2017

September 27, 2016 2:08 P.M.

It’s not too soon for the public to give input on next year’s federal budget.

MP Cathy McLeod is asking everyone in her riding to share their ideas on the Trudeau government’s second fiscal plan, coming down the pipe in 2017.

“All constituents are invited to submit their ideas either to me via email, in person to the finance committee or online at,” McLeod said in a news release Tuesday, Sept. 27. “The government’s focus this year is how to strengthen the middle class and ensure Canada is well positioned in the global economy.”

“This is a great opportunity to share your priorities of what should be included in Federal Budget 2017,” McLeod said. “I’m always impressed by the wide range of ideas that are brought to the table from our riding.”

Simultaneously, the federal finance committee is conducting pre-budget consultations. To date, they have received more than 400 submissions from interested groups and individuals, and 225 requests to appear before them this fall in Ottawa.

Between Oct. 3 and 17, interested Canadians who were not invited to make a formal appearance in Ottawa will have an opportunity to share their views in meetings across Canada. 

Anyone wishing to present in person to the finance committee can do so Oct. 3 in Kelowna. Contact McLeod’s constituency office for more details on how to present.

Bob says:
September 27, 2016 06:49pm

And while you are at it David, perhaps you could add a few suggestions as to how they can pay back all the money they are borrowing. Maybe raise the GST to 7 or 8%? I certainly haven't seen an increase in private employment numbers but there has been 34,000 new government jobs created.


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David Johnson says:
September 27, 2016 03:24pm

Ya ... no ... not gonna bite.

What is hiding behind a polite request for opinions regarding the federal budget from our MP who is actually in opposition (therefore has zero control or say in what the budget may look like), is a reach for comments and opinions from supporters that appose the government.

She is looking for critique points to be used during the budget debate in the house. The difference is these debates will actually occur as apposed to the government she sat with that prorogued parliament and created overstuffed omnibus budgets and completely shut down any debate.

Here's a thought, maybe she could vote FOR the budget, that will tax wealthy Canadians more, pay for services and reinvestment's in infrastructure projects that will get Canadians working, and reinvigorate our economy.

While she is at it, she can vote FOR replacing the first past the post voting system with the option recommended by the committee entrusted with the task ... but that would put her out of a job, so I kinda doubt she will.

Am I going to send 'budget suggestions' to the address in the article? Doubt it, I see no need to empower the opposition with more rhetoric, than they will come up with on their own.


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David Johnson says:
September 27, 2016 03:36pm

On second thought, I did hit the link and went to the actual govt website that was requesting budget info from Canadians ... That I will do. But not about to do the 'send our MP an email' option.


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