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Maybe there's hope for Trudeau after all

September 30, 2016 4:04 A.M.

WHEN IT comes to Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government, there's been no shortage of things to criticize, his and his government spending habits topping the list.

But the Trudeau government should be given its due for making the difficult decision to approve the Pacific Northwest Liquefied Natural gas project.

It wasn't easy for the Liberals who before the election led first nations and others to believe they were sympathetic to their concerns over this 36 billion dollar venture.

The politically expedient thing to do might have been to reject this big project, as the Harper government did with the New Prosperity mine in the Cariboo, taking the road of least resistance in the face of first nations and environmental opposition.

But the  light was apparently on around the cabinet table and the prospect of a new industry, of $36 billion in private sector investment and a big fat new revenue stream for government was just too much to ignore.

Moreover, the decision sent a critical signal to the world that the Trudeau government understands the importance of resource development to Canada's economy.

And given the 190 conditions attached to their approval, it's not like their sacrificing environmental considerations.

Up to now, we were thinking this government was little more than a piggy bank and a photo op opportunity for the prime minister. The Pacific Northwest approval suggests there some good governance there as well.

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